Strategies for Student Success and Institutional Stability: A Strategic Webinar for Board Members, Presidents and Senior Executives

Upcoming Webinar
Strategies for Student Success and Institutional Stability
November 12, 2020, 1:00 -3:00 PM ET

Finding prosperity in a sea of change requires an understanding of an institution’s current situational assessment as well as the macro trends that are shaping higher education. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and new federal regulations impacting higher education have presented both challenges and opportunities for institutions. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) has recently announced its expansion to accept applications for accreditation beyond its current domestic geographic boundaries and is lifting its moratorium to accept applications from international institutions as well. This workshop will explore short- and long-term strategies that leaders can leverage to remain focused on student success and institutional stability. Beyond the financial model, which is under severe duress, higher education is in a perfect storm arising from a combination of negative and unpredictable factors. Institutions need to think about transformative actions, reaching for success far beyond their past and at an accelerated rate – due to the pandemic, the changing regulatory and political environment, and changing consumer habits.

The following topics will be addressed via an interactive and engaging dialogue:

  • Institutional transformation – Implementing change within the organization
  • Financial model challenges in higher education – How to adapt in a positive manner
  • The consolidation era in higher education – Macro trend toward affiliations
  • Finding prosperity in a sea of change – Aligning the interest of all parties
  • Trends in higher education accreditation
  • Regulatory changes that could influence strategic directions
  • How MSCHE supports institutional priorities and strategic efforts
  • Ensuring appropriate board membership and expectations

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Ken Knueven, Managing Director, AGB Consulting


Dr. Heather Perfetti, J.D., Ed.D., President, MSCHE
Rick Beyer, AGB Senior Fellow and Practice Area Leader for Higher Education Long-Term Strategic Alternatives and M&A
Steve Pugliese, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff, MSCHE