One-Hour Governance Review

Identify areas for greatest impact.

Sometimes it’s hard to know just where to start. Our team comprises senior-level higher education veterans, board members, former presidents and subject matter experts. Backed by AGB consultants with nearly 100 years of experience, our team will help you, our members, prioritize the needs of your institution or institutionally related foundation – through even the most complex challenges.

The One-Hour Governance Review enables our experienced team to hear from you as president/CEO or board chair, about what’s keeping you and/or your board up at night, and offers you a powerful partner to review current board processes, practices, and structure and to make impactful recommendations.

We conduct the One-Hour Governance Review through the lens of best practices garnered from deep research and thousands of engagements with higher education institutions and institutionally related foundations. However, the conversation is tailored to you.

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