Coaching for New Leadership

Maximize your performance and impact.

New presidents and leaders of higher education institutions face unprecedented challenges this year. AGB’s Coaching for New Leadership provides the critical support, guidance, and peer network for thinking through the issues new leadership will face, making sound decisions, and implementing effective action plans.

AGB advisors enable effective leadership by helping new presidents:


Identify new ways to ask the right questions

Anticipate emerging issues and challenges and think through effective responses

Learn about AGB Consulting services

Learn how others have handled situations similar to those you face

Current Membership

Develop your own peer partner group for open, honest dialogue

Tailored to your institution.

This is NOT a one-size-fits-all service or curriculum. Both content and delivery options will be customized for your needs.

We match you with advisors who have experience relevant to your situation.

This program, specifically developed for new presidents from the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years, features:

  • Coaching by an experienced former president with top credentials and expertise in providing consultation to presidents
  • A dedicated executive coach for monthly sessions held virtually with a small group of peers and at least one 1:1 session for you and the coach
  • Scheduling flexibility—a 90-minute virtual session, once per month, during the school year
  • Availability starting August 2020

Ready to get started?

Pricing: $4,500 for a full year (minimum of 8 sessions)

Once we place you in a cohort, we will invoice you for payment at the start of the program.

To learn more, please contact 202-776-0865 or Or use this contact form:

Start preparing for leadership right away.

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