Strategic Conversations for Business Model Vitality: What Small College Boards, Presidents, and CFOs Need to Know—and Discuss

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March 7, 1:00–2:00 PM ET

Governing boards and the senior leadership of colleges and universities may be fulfilling their roles conscientiously, but their efforts may not be enough to ensure the long-term viability of the institution’s business model. Smaller private colleges and universities with limited financial resources are especially vulnerable in the current environment as they face greater financial challenges that often afford their leaders little time to act.

For those with more work to do to revitalize the business model, there are many positive examples of business model adaption or transformation from which to learn. Those institutions that embark upon the honest and constructive leadership conversations outlined in this webinar will be ready for the timely and decisive action required to secure their futures.

The business model risk mitigation steps are best explored via a series of collaborative leadership conversations. Through such deliberate and collaborative dialogue, institutional leadership can define expectations, clarify business goals and objectives, and prioritize the steps necessary to position the institution to weather the economic headwinds. These conversations can further promote institutional transparency and instill confidence among stakeholders by demonstrating an awareness of those critical factors that promote the success of an institution’s business model.


Stephen T. Golding, senior consultant, AGB; board chair, Washington College; treasurer, Forum for World Education; managing partner, The 1782 Group


Leslie Brunelli, senior vice chancellor for business and financial affairs, and university treasurer, University of Denver
La Jerne Terry Cornish, PhD, president, Ithaca College
Elizabeth H. Noe, JD, board chairperson, Agnes Scott College

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